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Fire Ships are ships that can only be used for defense: they are the last defense and will only enter into battle after the regular naval battle. Fire Ships can not destroy Colony Ships or Transport Ships. Each Fireship can destroy one other ship, however it is also destroyed when it does so.
Must investigar Fire Ships in the Academia. Available at level 19.
Costes Datos
Archivo:Wood.png: 500 Archivo:Stone.png: 700 Archivo:Silver.png: 150 Población 30x30.png: 8
Capacity: 0 Archivo:Speed.png: 5 Archivo:Attboat.png: 20 Def.png: 1

Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world).


Fire ships are burning ships that approach enemy fleets and ignite them. Only the defender can use fire ships. During an attack, every Fire Ship destroys one enemy ship, while destroying itself in the process. They are very slow, and are often passed up for birremes for support.

Fire ships are your last line of defence and will only defend if they need to. Eg. If you have Biremes with the Fire Ships, the Birremes will be used and then, and only then if they have all been sunk, will fire ships come into action.

Fire ships do not sink botes de transporte, botes de transporte rápido, naves colonizadoras or Hidras. Fire ships can ONLY destroy birremes, trirremes, and naves incendiarias

Only for Conquest worlds:
Fire ships are some times used in Conquest worlds, because they can be launched in an attack but only if that attack includes a Colony Ship. When defending a siege, Fire Ships do not defend the Colony Ship as they do not enter battle until all other units have died.