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#REDIRECCIÓN [[Ejército]]
|colspan="3"|'''A Pegaso is a winged horse that plunges from the sky during hopeless battles and helps the city. It's very strong in defending against blunt weapons. Pegasi can fly to other islands without transport ships.
Many think this is a great support unit because of its ability to fly and its high speed, but remember to keep in mind that you can only send it to support cities with Athena as their god.'''''
'''''(Must worship [[Los_dioses#Atenea|Atenea]] and must have a temple level 12).'''''
|colspan="4"|No research required.
!colspan="2"| Costes
!colspan="2"| Datos
|[[File:wood.png]]: 4000
|[[file:favor.png]]: 120
|[[File:Att sharp.png|Sharp Attack]]: 100
|[[File:Def_hack.png]]: 750
|[[file:stone.png]]: 1300
|[[File:Pop.png]]: 20
|[[File:speed.png]]: 35
|[[File:Def_pierce.png]]: 275
|[[File:silver.png]]: 700
|[[File:time.png]]: ?
|[[File:Booty icon.png]]: 160
|[[File:Def_distance.png]]: 275
Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world).
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