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La versión 2.115 será implementada en nuestra comunidad el Miércoles día 19 de junio de 2015. El registro de cambios es el siguiente:

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With this version we finished the implementation of the new Award system "Grepolisscore" and added plenty of new awards to the game. All players will start at level 0 on the new awards with the exception of the Hero related awards. You can read more about the new Grepolisscore feature on our wiki page. Additionally we added more logic to the yellow tutorial arrows and the questlog.

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  • We finished the implementation of the new Awardsystem "Grepolisscore" and added plenty of new awards to the game.


  • All old awards you earned will be counted for the Grepolisscore.

We implemented 86 new awards for you and have plenty of more in preparation.

  • All new awards provide a new challenge for you that you can complete now.
    • New awards will provide a new challenge for you that you can complete now. This means they are not granted automatically to you although you already achieved the required goals in the past.
    • Only new awards that are connected to your heroes will be automatically granted to you, otherwise you would not have a chance to gain these awards.
  • After our testing phase on the beta we changed the way daily awards will be counted in the Grepolisscore. Gaining the daily awards is accompanied by a lot of effort and this should be credited. Therefore you will get the points for your Grepolisscore every time you gain a new daily award.
  • You can find a detailed description of the new Grepolisscore in our game wiki.

Changelog mejoras wiki.png
  • Quests you have read in the browser are also displayed as read in the app now and vice versa.
  • Quests in the questlog are sorted now. The oldest quest is shown on the top.

From now on the alliance setting "Show your fellow pact members in the profile" is set "off" by default.

  • For "build"-quests the yellow tutorial arrow will be hidden as long as the construction time is higher than 5 minutes.
  • When leveling up heroes the required hero coins are filled in the input box automatically now.


  • In terms of our planned changes on the alliance finder, we changed the look of the alliance profile in a first step to be ready for more elements to be displayed there.


Changelog correc juego wiki.png
  • When you get daily awards, the date is now dependent on the server time and not on the time zone the player has selected.
  • When deleting all mass mails, the tab switched to "messages". Now you stay in the "mass mail" tab.
  • For "build"-quests the progress bar displayed sometimes a wrong progress when having more than one town.
  • Now Herakles also generates favor for you after destroying an ongoing conquest.
  • The status icon for farming villages on the map change again when claiming resources via the premium overview and when claiming units.
  • When you want to start a new city foundation, but have no colonize-ship added to the command, you will get a red system message instead of the new confirmation message.
  • For completing quests where you have to attack a city, now you need to attack real player cities or ghost towns. Attacking the bandits camp or island quests will not work anymore.
  • When having the senate window open and leveling up Christopholus, the construction times were not updated automatically.
Changelog import juego wiki.png

Les recordamos que desde la Versión 2.82 pueden permanecer dentro del juego durante las actualizaciones, aunque no se pueda jugar, apareciendo además una notificación antes y durante la ejecución de la actualización.